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Name: Laurie and Jason
Said: Sunset Montessori has provided a tremendously rich preschool foundation for our son. He has thrived in the experiential Montessori environment: academically, creatively and socially. We have been consistently impressed with the Teachers, program and responsiveness from the Director. We feel so fortunate to have found such a wonderfully enriching school.
Long Grass Sunset Montessori
Name: Price and Tomas
Said: We are so fortunate to have had both our boys attend Sunset Montessori. The foundation it gave them for education is extraordinary and they have a love and respect for learning because of it. Each child was given individual attention for his specific needs and I felt the teachers partnered with us to make the boys thrive. Our family is very lucky to have found Ms Liliya and her team. With love and appreciation.
Long Grass Sunset Montessori
Name: Diane and Tim
Said: Our son, Lukas, went to Sunset Montessori from three to five years old (now he is seven.) Luke was an extremely late speaker and when he first started at Sunset Montessori, he couldn't talk. Within one year's time, he was participating in all of Sunset's school plays and within two year's time, playing all the lead characters like The Wolf in the musical, 'Peter and the Wolf'; Rikki from Kipling's 'Rikki Tikki Tavi'; Oberon, from Shakespeare's 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'. Not only was he speaking, but he was exposed to and mastering the highest language as the performances at Sunset weren't 'dumped down' but used original text! To this day, Luke has an interest in language and an affinity with Shakespeare. He has gone on to play several other characters, including Macbeth, and likes to write as well. This is just one example of our unbelievable experience at Sunset. And now, just this month, we have enrolled our three year old daughter, Millie. We are excited to discover what her interests will be and the ways in which she will shine and know that at Sunset Montessori... THE SKY IS THE LIMIT!
Long Grass Sunset Montessori
Name: Angelique and Chase
Said: Sunset Montessori has been the most nurturing, loving, stimulating environment for our children. The teachers at Sunset Montessori have taught our children the most important thing, to love school. I feel so lucky to have sent my children to this school.
Long Grass Sunset Montessori
Name: Kaia, age 4
Said: I like my school because I love to do jobs, and I like the stairs, and I love my teacher Donna one million thirty-five ninety. And teacher Jessie and teacher Mercedes too.
Long Grass Sunset Montessori
Name: Quinn, age 4
Said: I love my school because I like to see Harrison, and I like to go to school with him. And I like to play skipping freeze with Miss Jo. I like my school because I love my teachers, all six of them, especially Ilona. I like to do jobs, like the robot one, and I like my workbook, but not for too long. I love art class, because you get to do art. And you get to select the table where you sit and the bigger kids get to sit with the little kids. I like to help the little kids. And that's all I am saying about school now.
Long Grass Sunset Montessori
Name: Tara
Said: As the parent of two remarkably different girls, who happen to be twins, Sunset Montessori has been a real gift for us. We love that our energetic, "exuberant" (as accurately dubbed by a teacher) and sociable daughter is so completely engaged and delighted by all the new things she discovers -- while I was a little worried her "exuberance" might be tempered in a traditional Montessori setting, to the contrary, it has only thrived in Sunset Montessori's warm, nurturing care. And her incredibly patient, observant, creative, imaginative and artistic sister is like a pea in a pod at the very same small school, happily working away on her "jobs" and creating gobs of take-home goodies each day. They constantly surprise us with the new things they've learned -- in the last week alone, I've been surprised to hear them properly identify instruments while listening to classical music in the car, recite a (somewhat muddled) poem in French, explain to me the work of Martin Luther King, Jr., discuss China and Hong Kong, and perform wonderful dances and songs they have learned. Remarkably, both were reading words and doing simple addition before they turned four, two more tricks they picked up at school. Yet neither seems to realize they are learning, since they are too busy having fun with their friends and playing all day. The only complaint I ever hear from them about school is when I come to pick them up early and they don't want to come home!
Long Grass Sunset Montessori
Name: Malisa
Said: We have been a part of the Sunset Montessori family since 2004, when our oldest child first started preschool. Sunset Montessori has grown so much since its early days, yet the teachers and staff have continued to provide a fun, clean and safe environment dedicated to the Montessori method of learning. Our oldest child graduated in 2006 and our youngest child currently attends Sunset Montessori. We have been so fortunate to find a school so close to home that provides a well-rounded environment, diversity and wonderful students and parents. Most importantly, both our children have fun while learning and are well-prepared for Kindergarten.
Long Grass Sunset Montessori
Name: Erin and Michael
Said: Sunset Montessori really put on the nicest drama productions imaginable. I never thought that I would see my "baby" so patiently waiting his turn to say his line. Turns out, Landon even memorized everybody's lines and was always willing to help out others when they got stuck. Mr. Schilling, the drama teacher, was amazing and our son loved him like one of his friends!! Academically, Landon really blossomed when he was instructed by Donna Marie. She is a dear and caring woman who understands the needs of an active boy. He wasn't fond of going to "big kid" school and wanted to stay at Sunset Montessori "forever or at least after college". We all miss Donna Marie but the whole team worked with him and he transitioned seamlessly. Thanks again! You provided an excellent foundation for the rest of his education!
Long Grass Sunset Montessori
Name: Natalie and Bill
Said: When our 3-year old son started at Sunset Montessori, we had no doubt that we had found the perfect environment for him to thrive, learn, grow, mature. We have not been disappointed. He has learned social skills, reading, writing and arithmetic beyond our highest expectations. We trust the staff implicitly as they have shown sincere affection for the children and a phenomenal skill in teaching young ones with gentle and nurturing care.